About Me


My name is Chrisi and I prefer handwritten over typed but what is one to do?! I recently married my best friend David and we live in a little apartment in a small country town in Indiana. Unlike most newlyweds, we do not have a dog-child yet. (Sorry! No cute family photos, just ones of D & I.) I just think it's smart to learn how to keep a husband alive before trying to sustain anything else! ;)

I love antique "boutiques", Goodwill treasures, thrifting, decorating our home, doodling, trying to cook, serving at  church, the color seafoam and lots of musical things.

David loves sports, Jesus and movie trivia.

Well there you have it! We are just two, somewhat normal, twenty-something year old love birds discovering our new lives as Mr. and Mrs. Hofmann!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I'm really excited you're blogging, Chrisi! I can't wait to see what awesome posts you come up with :)