Tuesday, January 21, 2014

365 Challenge: Bathroom Wall Makeover

Have you ever just had one of those days where you just wanted to change something about your home? Like you needed to rearrange your bedroom or in my case paint a wall in your bathroom just to get your fix. Well last week my interior designer alter ego was in full force. Soon I found myself scrambling through our paint supplies and searching for a decent paint brush. (I hate cleaning out paint brushes... So usually we have to buy new ones for every other paint project. Oopsy!)

 I didn't really have a plan. I had seen tons of eccentric, geometric accent walls on Pinterest and HGTV and I was always drawn to them. I quickly snatched up the painters tape and soon had a system down of how to get the right shapes I wanted. Okay... maybe I didn't have a system... but it was loads of fun! ;-)

Soon I had all my tape up and I started painting. White was the only color I had on hand that would go with the color palette in our bathroom. I picked shapes out at random, trying to space them out so that I had room to put in a different color in between the white ones. So I painted...

... and painted. Eventually the tape towards to top of the wall started to peel off before I had even gotten up there to paint. Come to find out, it's because our heating vent is directly above that wall thus causing the tape to not want to stick. That, my friends, was annoying! But I stuck it back up and kept pluggin' away. Once I had all the white painted, my hands hurt. Keep in mind, I was using a brush but a roller would have made this job much easier and quicker! But you use what you got when you are in desperate need of a change in home decor "scenery".  

As for my second color, I had no idea. I climbed back up into our paint supplies and found manna from heaven. Okay, not really but close. GOLD SPRAY PAINT! Oh yes, you read that correctly. Gold. Spray. Paint. Needless to say, I broke a ton of home decorating rules that day.
1. I used spray paint inside.
2. I used a very bold METALLIC color.
(What a rebel I am, right?!)

Then I got this. My first thought. "Oh dear sweet baby Jesus. What have I done?!?" I panicked and started coming up with ways to cover it up before David got home. "Really Chrisi? Gold in the bathroom?!" "This is awful..." "Stupid interior designer alter ego... You didn't even go to college!" 
I may or may not have said all these things out loud to myself.

Then I peeled all the tape off and VOILA! 10x better ( I think.) It still needs some touch ups where the gold paint dripped but I am happy with the outcome. If you don't know me very well, then you probably don't know that I am a planner and a master list maker. So for me to make an impromptu decision of this magnitude is a big deal! 

I guess I can say that sometimes it is better to do things on a whim! Have any of you been contemplating changing something up in your home? Have you ever used spray paint inside? Please share below!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

HSH 365 Challenge

The new year is always a time of reflection and resolutions. From giving up soda to business goals, just about everyone sets their minds to do better at something. I set a new goal every year, some more attainable than others but by Spring time I have already gotten either side tracked or completely forgotten about my recent aspirations. Why is that? For me, I decided that it's because I have always made resolutions that sounded good but never mean't much to me. Not this year! This year I have decided to make my new year resolution simple. Create. Every. Day. With my main goal to get an online shop up this year, I thought this was a good start. 

At first, I was posting a new creation every day on Instagram but by Day 3, I felt annoying. Now I've decided that every week I will do a post sharing that weeks DIYs and some How to's. Here is this weeks!

Day 1: I made this darling little stacks of pancakes with sea foam banners to add a little flair.

Day 2: I worked on a painting that will be part of our gallery wall. It's not completed yet, but soon.

Day 3: I hand lettered our living room sign with a little New Years inspiration.

Day 4: I learned how to crochet these cute, little rosettes. Now to bunch some up and crochet a throw pillow cover.

Day 5: Cake. Batter. Cookies. These sweet treats were so good! (Warning: Do NOT make these if your resolution has anything to do with losing weight, dieting or good health. They are addicting!)

Day 6: My mom's breakfast burrito recipe. Why yes, that clock does say 12:31... in the morning. We were preparing for the Blizzard of 2014 and this was a necessity. Who doesn't love breakfast?!

Day 7: DIY De-icer. Best idea ever. It even prevented the windows from icing over again last night. How cool is that! So I decided to take advantage of the warm front that came in yesterday and clean off the car for David. (By warm front, I mean anything above -5. On Monday, the wind chill got as low as -34 where we live. Say what?!?)

That's that! So far, the first week of 2014 has been a good one. I have an interview this week and we finally paid off two major bills. If the first week is any indication of what the rest of the year will be like, it should be pretty great! How has 2014 started for you? Any awesome resolutions that you have been keeping up with? Do share!