Friday, September 19, 2014


Hello friends! I have not blogged in a long time and I think I am having withdrawals. *sigh* But I am back! Things have been busy, busy, busy but a good busy. Not like the "I have 10 loads of laundry to do because I have 20 kids and each one thinks it is necessary to wear 5 outfits a day" kind of busy. We'll leave that for the future... well, hopefully not.
It is that self-made kind of busyness. I have been a crafting, thrifting and baking machine. I hand lettered some adorable globes for our church's Celebration of the Nations coming up to celebrate the fact that we have 14+ different nationalities represented at FAC Carmel. (Woohoo for unity in Jesus!)
Indiana weather is just doing it's thing and acting all confused about what time of year it is again. (Nothing new there.) Did you know that they are predicting that we will see our first snowfall by October 1st? Pray, saints, pray! With all this cold weather lingering around, I needed something to make me a little more excited for winter. So I went ahead and started crocheting for the 2014 Snowpocalypse - Part 2.
My dad recently went in for a scheduled triple bypass surgery and ended up having seven bypasses. Yes, you read that right SEVEN. You know what the best part was? Less than a week later, he made a forty minute drive up to church for prayer with no discomfort! And you want to tell me that God isn't real? God is not only real but He is alive, mighty, holy, sovereign, omniscient,  and in control!
On a slightly different note, I have found the all powerful, beauty elixir with mystical properties and its name is coconut oil. Okay, I definitely exaggerated there but have you ever used this stuff? It is amazing! I started using it regularly about three months ago and I'm never going back.
*Insert the emoji with the big heart eyes here*
We are finally decorating our bedroom. When we first got married and were on a tight budget, I had to pick and choose which rooms to spend money on. The living room, guest bedroom/office, bathroom and kitchen always beat out our bedroom. Those were rooms that visitors would actually be in, so of course we wanted to get them in order first. But now that David and I have both been blessed with steady paying jobs, we can put money into making it our space. 
I would be lying if I said that my busyness was caused by serious business. Unless you consider picking up four new hobbies in the last two months serious. In that case, we should be best friends. One of these hobbies is baking French Macarons. They have taught me so many things like humility, temperance and patience. I haven't mastered them yet but hopefully, by the grace of God, I will someday.

Have you picked up any new hobbies lately? Are you as crazy as I am when it comes to hundreds of different interests? Any success tips for baking French Macarons? I'd love to hear about it!


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