Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Little Paint Job and A Mini Kitchen Tour

When we first moved into our apartment, I loved the idea of an all white kitchen. If you would like an explanation, I don't have one. For some reason, it seemed like a good idea (probably because we were close to broke with all the wedding expenses and white paint was cheap). At least it made the walls look clean and better than they had looked before. 

But after living here for 8 months, I decided it needed a change. It was just too plain and boring for David and I's personalities. And since I have started spending more time in there cooking (and sometimes burning) food, I wanted to jazz it up and make it look a little more inviting.

If you haven't noticed yet, our kitchen is TINY. Our bathroom is bigger than our kitchen... it's true. But on the bright side, it made repainting it a breeze! I also had to paint it all with a brush because we don't have any rollers. (I vaguely remember this predicament from my last post that involved painting. Weird)

I chose a color out of our stash of paint that is pretty familiar to any of you that read my blog regularly. SEA FOAM. I could paint my entire house this color and never get sick of it. Okay... that might be an exaggeration but who doesn't love this calm yet playful color?!

So with my backsplash painted and my counter tops cleared of all clutter, my kitchen got a facelift! Plus the sea foam blue works with our not so appealing countertops.  

I kind of love this little corner of our kitchen. Maybe not as much as our chalkboard wall on the other side of the room, but close. Aren't those little flour, sugar and miscellaneous canisters so cute? 

And last but certainly not least, my cookbook. A dear friend of mine made this for me as a wedding present and I couldn't love it any more even if I tried. She is one of those people that oozes so much creative talent that it's sickening. ;) 

There you have it. A little look into my every day kitchen and my impulsive need for change on a regular basis. Do any of you want to change something up in your home? Well what are you waiting for. Go do it!


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  1. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog! Your kitchen looks great - small but perfectly formed!